Oh Hai! Welcome to some pretty drawings.

The gallery above is a collection of my most current illustration work. I have a pretty involved illustration process. I always start with a sketchbook, a mechanical pencil, and a click eraser. Once I've sketched until my fingers wont work anymore (and I am happy with my pencil rendering), I scan in the drawing. Next, I digitally ink in the drawing in Adobe Illustrator with a custom set of brushes I made and create paint groups. After that I pull the ink and paint groups in separately into Adobe Photoshop and digitally paint the illustration. Finally I adjust the levels and add textures for added depth.

Oh! And if you are curious about all of my 'ultra current' illustration work, you can check out more here. Lastly, in the event that you want to see EVEN MORE, you can check out some sketches here.

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